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Bed Management SolutionsBed Management - It has long been a problem for hospitals to understand exactly which inpatients they have in which locations. Recording, managing and communicating this information has been a challenge for hospitals for many years.
Hospital staff and bed management are very keen to do their best for their patients and many innovative attempts have been made to record and communicate this information manually. More often than not individual wards and departments record information in different ways using different media ranging from post-its to wipe-boards and often capturing different data as they may feel appropriate. Manual recording of this data means it is virtually impossible to centrally record and collate this information. The old maxim of “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” stands true.

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The result of this lack of information can manifest itself in many different ways. Ultimately the inability to effectively manage this issue can result in potentially compromised patient outcomes, unsatisfactory patient experiences, poor productivity and inefficiency, litigation and poor perception of the hospital. All of these factors have a direct effect on the bottom line in an adverse way.

Bed Management

Bed Management - To help healthcare providers overcome these challenges, Parity Medical has partnered with a number of specialist healthcare Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) to provide digital systems to allow hospitals to plan, record, communicate and mange Patient Flow and real time Bed Management information in a way that provides numerous benefits to all of the stakeholders in the organisation. What’s more, adopting these systems has a significant and positive effect on the bottom line.

The Bed management software systems are designed so that every ward and department records the same basic information with options to go into further detail for specific specialism's. They are designed to be easy-to-use and are based on best practice. Information can be accessed and entered in a number of different way but by far the most popular is to use a large format LCD touch screen. This allows clinicians and mangers to see information at a glance and to make changes with a touch of the screen.

Bed Management Systems

Bed Management Features include:

  • Easy to use – view at a glance, change at a touch

  • Runs over your existing data network

  • Central data capture and reporting – real time

  • Tracking of HAI’s and contagious conditions & provides infection control reporting

  • Gender and condition specifics

  • Automates handovers, discharges etc

  • Avoids time consuming discussions with bed managers and bed blocking

  • Provides automated checklist of tasks for clinicians and for supporting staff such as cleaners, porters etc

The benefits of adopting this technology are numerous and it’s plain to see the business case for its adoption.

Bed Management Benefits include:

  • Significantly improved Bed Utilisation and Capacity Planning

  • Reduced Length of Stay

  • Increased efficiency, reduced staff costs and a more Productive Ward

  • Gives clinicians More Time To Care

  • Improved Patient Outcomes

  • Improved Infection Control

  • Reduced Clinical Risk & Litigation

  • Improved patient experience and perception

  • Increased appeal to elective in-patients

  • Quick Return On Investment

Bed Management

Bed Management - How Can We Help? Parity Medical has worked with a number of NHS Trusts implementing real time Bed Management and Patient Flow technologies and so has the experience to help plan the project right from the start. We can help with advice gained through experience about what has worked well, good practices, how to project manage the installation smoothly along with a number of other hints and tips such as infection control, privacy and so on.

bed managementAs well as facilitating introductions to software vendors, Parity Medical can provide a range of different touch screen devices and wall, ceiling or floor mounting options for the various different environments within the healthcare setting. Our engineering staff provide detailed site survey reports for each location.

These projects are often large and so we offer a bonded warehouse for storage and our experienced team of installation engineers are used to working in the healthcare environment and all that goes with it such as protected meal times, emergencies, working around staff & patients etc.

In addition to advice in planning bed management we also have a Project Management team that keeps the project running along smoothly working with the Trust, the software vendor and any other parties involved in the project. And it doesn’t end there... we offer tailored support contracts and extended warranties to make sure you get the best out of your system for many years to come.

Some Trusts that Parity Medical has helped adopt Patient Flow and real time Bed Management technologies are:

 ●  Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
 ●  Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
 ●  Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals NHS Trust
 ●  Cheltenham General Hospital
 ●  South Devon NHS Trust
 ●  University Hospitals Of North Staffordshire NHS Trust
 ●  Imperial College London
 ●  Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
 ●  Dudley Group Of Hospitals
 ●  Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Bed Management and Patient Flow from Parity Medical

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