PACS Displays

Custom display solutions that allow images to be viewed in a range of locations and environments without compromising on safety. 

PACS Clinical Review Displays

PACS Diagnostic Displays

Mammography Displays

Large Format Clinical Review Displays

Surgical Large Format Displays

PACS Clinical Review Displays

Ideal for reviewing PACS images in clinical areas.

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EIZO RadiForce MX315W

EIZO RadiForce MX194

EIZO RadiForce MS236WT

EIZO FlexScan EV2457

EIZO FlexScan EV2785

Barco Eonis 21″ (MDRC-2221)

Barco Eonis 22″ (MDRC-2122 TS)

Barco Eonis 22″ (MDRC-2122 BL)

Barco Eonis 22″ (MDRC-2122 WP)

Barco Eonis 24″ (MDRC-2224 WP)

Barco MDRC-1119

NEC MDview 232 PACS Colour Display

NEC MDview 243 PACS Colour Display

NEC MDview 272 PACS Colour Display

Eizo RadiForce MX215

Eizo RadiForce MX242W

PACS Diagnostic Displays

Displays suitable for displays and viewing of digital images for diagnosis by trained physicians.

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EIZO RadiForce GX340

EIZO RadiForce RX250

EIZO RadiForce RX360

EIZO RadiForce RX660

NEC MultiSync MD302C4

Eizo RadiForce RX440

Barco Nio Colour 2MP LED (MDNC-2221)

Barco Nio Colour 3MP LED (MDNC-3321)

Mammography Displays

Display systems for primary diagnostics of mammography, for displays and viewing digital images for diagnosis.

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EIZO RadiForce RX560-MD

EIZO RadiForce GX550

Barco Coronis 5MP LED (MDCG-5221)

Barco Coronis Uniti (MDMC-12133)

NEC MD215MG Mammography Display

Eizo RadiForce RX850

Surgical Large Format Displays

Surgical displays which are purpose-built for the operating room, with easily cleaned designs for infection control.

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EIZO RadiForce EX271W

EIZO CuratOR EX2620-3D

EIZO CuratOR EX2621

EIZO CuratOR EX2721

EIZO CuratOR EX3140

EIZO CuratOR EX3141-3D

EIZO CuratOR EX3220

EIZO CuratOR EX3220-3D

EIZO CuratOR EX5841



Barco MDSC-2242

Barco MDSC-2226

Barco MDSC-2224

NEC MD462OR Surgical Display

Large Format Clinical Review Displays

Clinical review displays which have ultimate size and quality image content that will capture the imagination and attention of your visitors.

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MedView Touch 4K

NEC P463 DICOM Display

NEC P553 DICOM Display

NEC P703 DICOM Display