Barco Coronis 5MP LED (MDCG-5221)

The Barco Coronis 5MP LED (MDCG-5221) is a 5MP premium diagnostic greyscale display system. Equipped with high-bright LED backlights, it renders more JNDs (just noticeable differences) to help you see more shades of grey. Additionally, Per Pixel Uniformity ensures every pixel is DICOM-compliant at all times and subtle details become more noticeable more quickly.

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Coronis 5MP LED (MDCG-5221)

Key benefits
• Unrivaled brightness – high calibrated lumincance
• Worry-free DICOM compliance
• High return on investment – Barco’s LED backlight are low in power consumption
• Adjustable dual-head stand
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Key specifications
• 21″ screen size
• Grey imaging
• 5MP (2560×2048)
• Maximum luminance – 600 cd/m² (typical)
• Viewing angle (H, V) – 170°

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