Medical All-In-One PCs

Medical-grade All-In-One PCs are best of breed solutions that combines great end-user functionality with remote management for IT teams to mange their fleet of PCs. From hot-swappable batteries to powered PCs, we have a Medical PC for you.

Medical All In One PC (Hot Swappable Batteries)

Flat Medical Station

MedPC Series

Tablets/Mobile Clinical Assistants

Providing hand-held access to Electronic Patient Records at the point of care.

Medical Tablet Getac

MioCARE™ Tablet PC 10″

MioCARE™ A90

Tablet MioCARE™ A310/A335 Series

Keyboards, Mice, Smart Card Readers & Accessories

Medical keyboards, mice, smart card readers and accessories for a wide range of applications in different clinical environments.

Infection Control Medical Keyboards

Infection Control Mice

Smart Card Readers



Infection control medical keyboards which can be wiped down quickly with hospital-grade disinfectants.

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Purekeys Wireless Keyboard

Purekeys USB Medical Keyboard

Man And Machine Waterproof Keyboard

Medigenic Essential Keyboard

Medigenic Compliance Keyboard

Sealed Infection Control Keyboard

Sealed Infection Control Togglepoint Keyboard

Waterproof Keyboard with Touchpad

Washable Keyboard with integrated Smart Card Reader

Waterproof Keyboard


Infection control medical mice. Perfect for any medical environment.

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Purekeys Wireless Mouse

Purekeys Wired Mouse

Medigenic Scroll Mouse

Man and Machine Petite Mouse

Man and Machine Mighty Mouse

Washable Wireless Scrolling Optical Mouse

Washable 3 Button Optical Mouse

Sealed Infection Control Optical Mouse

Sealed Disinfectable Optical Mouse

Smart Card Readers

The latest smart card reader technology connecting to your computer via a USB port.

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Desktop Proximity SmartCard Reader

SmartCard USB SmartCard Reader

Proximity SmartCard Reader

Pinpad SmartCard Reader

Integrated SmartCard Reader


A range of accessories allowing computing devices to be customised to suit individual requirements within the healthcare environment.

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Bar Code Printers

Wireless Cards

Wireless Antenna

Wireless Access Points

Rugged Handheld Barcode Reader

Medical Grade Power Supply

Mains Power Conditioners

Graphics Cards

General Purpose Handheld Bar Code Reader

Cordless Handheld Bar Code Reader