Purekeys USB Medical Keyboard

This Purekeys USB Medical Keyboard is an IP66 rated infection control medical keyboard, designed to work in all medical environments. It has a flat surface to ensure easy cleaning without the need for immersion and has no raised surfaces where bacteria can hide.

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Purekeys compact keyboard

Designed with infection control in mind

This Purekeys keyboard has a flat surface which offers full tactile feedback and typing time/speed is not reduced from that of a regular keyboard. 

• Clear and easy keystroke
• Space saving
• Tactile feedback
• EN60601-1
• Safe-guard against the spread of bacteria

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Perfect for any environment

This Purekeys USB medical keyboard has a silicone based cover and can be cleaned with hospital grade antibacterial fluids. 

• Plug and play compatible with all Windows based PC’s
• Cleaning time less than 5 seconds
• Wipe clean surface
• 75mm VESA mounting option
• Reduces repetitive strain injury

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