Sealed Infection Control Togglepoint Keyboard

The Togglepoint Keyboard provides full-sized versatility in a rugged, compact design with the added convenience of an integrated toggle point pointing device. 

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togglepoint keyboard

Engineered for NEMA 4X protection

This Toggle Point Keyboard is engineered for NEMA 4X protection from dust, water and corrosive liquids:  

• Help to reduce bacterial cross-contaminations 
• Easy data entry
• Robust polycarbonate case
• Slim compact design
• Safe-guard against the spread of nosocomial infections

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Ideal for any Environment 

This Togglepoint keyboard is ideal for use in environments ranging from manufacturing to material handling to medical settings:

• 14.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.0″ (W-H-D) 
• 12 function keys
• Integrated Toggle point pointing device
• Slim, Compact Design
• USB and PS/2 configurations available

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