Waterproof Keyboard with Touchpad

This Touchpad Keyboard is water-resistant and contaminant proof. The sensitive input pointing device eliminates the need for a mouse or trackball. 

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Touchpad Keyboard

Designed with infection control in mind

With no seams or crevices, this Touchpad Keyboard is ideal for medical use, where moisture cleaning, and durability are a consideration.

• Clear and easy keystroke
• Integrated touch
• Equipped with magix, SCOP and Backlit features
• Full-Size Keyboard
• Safe-guard against the spread of nosocomial infections

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Perfect for any environment

This Touchpad Keyboard features a flat design to enable a quick wipe down with any hospital-grade disinfectants without having to move the keyboard or plug it in. 

• Department of Health approved
• Cost effective
• High-Data entry capability
• Excellent tactile key response
• Enhance user experiences

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