Medication Dispensing Carts

A range of Mobile Computer Carts which have been designed to aid the access of medicines information: quickly and efficiently. 

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MedRound Infinity (24/7) Cart

MedRound SmartPower PC Cart

MedRound Laptop Powered Cart

MedRound Laptop Cart

MedRound Tablet Cart

VersaLite ePMA Infinity Cart

VersaLite MedDrawer Infinity Cart

EconoLite Infinity MedDrawer Cart

Hygia MedStore Infinity Cart

Hygia VHA MCA Tablet Cart

Hygia MedStore Tablet Cart

Hygia MedStore Laptop Cart

EconoLite Laptop MedDrawer Cart

Hygia MedStore PC Cart

Hygia MedStore Duo Cart

EMC Medication Cart