Washable 3 Button Optical Mouse

This Washable Mouse is a 3 button mouse with soft-clicking buttons, smooth optical tracking and tough rubber over moulded plastic construction. This high specification design makes it suitable for Hospital environments where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount.  

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washable mouse

Disinfectable for Medical and Clinical Environments

This Washable Mouse uses patented spill protection technology and has been tested to the international standards of IP68 and Nema4X.

• Completely sealed 
• Washable and waterproof
• Resistant to chemical and disinfectants
• Seal scroll page grabber 
• Seal cap washable USB cover

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Sanitise in seconds

This Washable Mouse can be easily sterilised in a variety of detergents and anti-bacterial agents to help keep the mouse clean and prevent the spread of disease.

• Precision optics with 800 dpi resolution
• Ergonomic design
• Maximises use comfort
• Safe-guard against the spread of nosocomial infections
• Seal skin comfort grip

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