Washable Wireless Scrolling Optical Mouse

This Washable Wireless Mouse provides a positive step towards solving the problem of bacterial cross infection. The sealed design means that every recess can be sterilised by immersing in Hospital grade antibacterial solutions.  

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washable wireless mouse

Disinfectable for Medical and Clinical Environments

This Washable Wireless Mouse is compatible with all hospital disinfectants with a 3 port USB charging base.

• 1000 DPI resolution
• Antimicrobial product protection
• IP68, NEMA 4X
• 2 button with scroll wheel
• FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE, RSS-201

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High specification design.

This wireless scrolling mouse is suitable for a variety of environments such as Hospital surgeries where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount. 

• Promotes good hospital hygiene practices  
• Compatible with Mac and Windows
• 6ft cable length
• Safe-guard against the spread of nosocomial infections
• Includes charging base with 3-Ports and dongle receiver

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