MedRound Tablet Cart

Minimise errors. Enhance workflow. Reduce bending.

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The accuracy of ePMA at the bedside

The MedRound delivers the patient’s five rights – the right patient, dose, drug, route and time. The MedRound can be equipped with an optional scanner and printer, to ensure the accuracy of ePMA at the point of care.

Large capacity storage – at waist height

Storage that is secure, while visible and organised to enhance your workflow and release time to care. Simply the most storage you’ll find in a height adjustable solution. All at waist height to reduce bending.

Easy access to IT

The MedRound can mount any tablet that you need to access information for ePMA. The tablet can be tilted to ensure you have the right viewing angle at all times.

Mounted scanner
Sharps bin
Zebra printer
Zebra printer
Zebra printer
Zebra printer

MedRound Accessories

The MedRound can be configured with a wide range of accessories, including the following and many more.

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Mounted scanner


Accessibility of a scanner at the point of medication administration reduces the risk of medication errors while saving time and improving patient safety.

Sharps bin

Sharps bin

Mounting a sharps bin on your solution helps infection prevention and control. Giving you mobile waste disposal that’s with you on your medication round.

Zebra printer

Mobile printer

Equipping your Cart with a printer enables printing and labelling at the bedside ensuring a reduction in medication errors and accuracy of medication dispensing.

Zebra printer

Infection Control Keyboard and Mouse

Having a Keyboard and Mouse designed for Hospital use proves incredibly helpful in the fight against Hospital acquired infections from common touch-points. 

Market-leading medication security.

We have a range of locking options, from a high-security Smart RFID Lock, a numeric digi lock and traditional key locks. We can configure your MedRound to best suit your security requirements. Please ask for more information.

Sharps bin

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Looking for a different configuration?

We have different configurations of the MedRound to suit your workflow. Whether you need a Medical All In One PC, Laptop, Tablet, powered or unpowered.

MedRound Infinity (24/7) Cart

MedRound SmartPower PC Cart

MedRound Laptop Powered Cart

MedRound Laptop Cart

MedRound Tablet Cart