Pinpad SmartCard Reader

This Pinpad Smartcard Reader is a new class 2 reader featuring a keypad and display, adding secure PIN Entry (SPE) functionality to your application. 

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pinpad smartcard reader

Durable, reliable and practical

This PinPad smartcard reader provides a highly secure way to enhance your smart card-based application by protecting the smartcard PIN code from unauthorised access. 

• Supports ISO 7816 class A,B and C cards (5V, 3V, 1.8V)
• Highly accessible solution
• Reads from and writes to all ISO 7816-1,2,3,4, microprocessor cards, T=0 and T=1 protocols
• Simple to use and install
• Supports memory cards using Memory Card API for GemCore Twin Pro”

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High PinPad security 

This PinPad Smartcard reader allows the pin code to be entered locally and safely on the reader, and is thus never transmitted to the PC.

• Power supply through USB port
• Highly secure
• Enhances smart card-based applications
• Protects smart card PIN code from unauthorised access
• Features a keypad display

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