Energise Variable Height Workstation

The ENERGISE is a variable height adjustable work desk that runs on low standby power, and has very low noise when adjusting height. The Energise desktop surface is designed for the highest infection control standards. Highly resilient, made from high-pressure compact laminate with a melamine surface, it is engineered for lasting good looks in the most demanding interior applications.

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Key benefits
• Solid and Sturdy
• Fire Retardant
• Low Maintenance
• Reduces numerous health risks
• Easy to clean for Infection Control
• Scratch/Wear & Moisture/Mould Resistant

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Key specifications
• The display panel shows the current height of the desk.
• Standard surface measurements:
• Large: 1850mm wide / 840mm depth / 16mm thin
• Medium: 1510mm wide /750mm depth / 16mm thin
• Small: 1225mm wide / 625mm depth / 16mm thin

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