Washable Wireless Keyboard

The Washable Keyboard is fully protected with patented sealing keyboard technology, providing protection from liquids and dust rated to standard NEMA4X and IP66. 

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washable keyboard

The Cleanliness you want. 

You can use the washable keyboard with confidence in many different home or work environments and even wash it under a tap.

• Washable by design
• Easy to disinfect
• Sealed keys let you clean fully under running water
• Can withstand being immersed in antibacterial solutions
• Can be rinsed under a tap to reduced the spread of germs
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The performance you’d expect. 

This Washable Keyboard allows 2.4GHx of wireless freedom. Eliminate cable clutter and enjoy working at long range with no interference. Works up to 8m away from the PC.

• 2.4GNz wireless freedom
• Spill protected water
• Expanded key set
• Detachable wrist rest
• Comfortable and easy to use

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