The solution to so many challenges.

The introduction of electronic prescribing brings about so many benefits for Hospitals. However, without the right dispensing equipment – you’ll find you run into more problems than solutions.

Enhance workflow by reducing the need to restock as often and having more visibility of more organised medication. You’ll find high capacity storage that is secure. Split between 3 separate compartments means you can organise to suit your workflow.

Benefitting the whole Hospital.

We understand that various Hospital departments make up the ePMA project team. Explore the benefits that suit you.

All features/benefits
End users
IT & Project Managers
Infection Control
  • Big castors. Easier to move.
    Four large dual wheel castors (all lockable) ensure you can wheel the Cart about easily to manage thresholds.
  • Application specific
    Ideal for ePMA and Phlebotomy.
  • Extra durability.
    Low profile stainless steel hinges provide more security and better durability.
  • Reduced errors - integrated scanner.
    Accessibility of technology at the point of administration reduces the risk of medication errors, improving patient safety while saving time.
  • Robust. Secure.
    A robust medication enclosure ensures high-security. Both doors are locked with 1 single point and are manufactured in accordance to BS2881:1989.
  • Point of care printing.
    Equipping your Cart with a printer enables printing and labelling at the bedside, ensuring a reduction in medication errors and accuracy of medication dispensing.
  • 24/7 constant power.
    Hot-swappable batteries ensure you can have 24/7 constant power. Less downtime. More time to care.
  • Reduced waste.
    Improved storage, security and organisation options for medication means less medication is wasted - saving huge costs for your Hospital.
  • More security options. High-security.
    We have a range of locking options, from a high-security Smart RFID Lock, a numeric digilock and various traditional key locks.
  • Improved patient experience.
    Patients receive better information with point of care medication dispensing, enhancing their experience and delivering the patient's five rights.
  • ePMA range.
    The MedRound is part of our extensive ePMA range of solutions for different hospital environments.
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable
    More storage than traditional dispensing Carts, with less weight.
  • Less restocking. Complete med rounds faster.
    Save time by conducting full medication rounds without the need to restock halfway through. Improving efficiency and releasing more time to care.
  • Technology fully integrated.
    We support a range of devices for different applications, such as Laptop, All-In-One PC, PC with SmartPower system, Laptop or Tablet variants.
  • Powered. Unpowered.
    Whether you need a powered or unpowered Cart, we have the solution that fits your needs.
  • Easily height adjustable.
    Clinicians asked for the storage of a traditional dispensing Cart, but with height adjustment for reduced bending. You asked. We delivered.
  • Optional pre-configuration.
    We can preconfigure your solutions - for example hard drive preimaging and configuring IT accessories. Less hassle for IT teams and ready for instant roll out.
  • High-capacity storage. Easily visible at waist height.
    You'll find medication storage that makes it easy to access varied medication, all at waist height and without bending.
  • Storage and phased delivery.
    We appreciate space is limited in IT. That's why we often do phased delivery directly to the end user at times which suit your roll-out.
  • Slide-out bottle storage.
    Easy access to medication bottles at waist height. Reduce risk of unnecessary medication waste from breaking bottles or spillages, and reduce bending with an easy slide-out drawer.
  • Over 29 years' experience.
    We have extensive expertise making Hospital IT projects successful, delivered on time and on budget.
  • Accessories that are configured to suit you.
    Barcode scanner, printer, infection control keyboards and mice, sharps bin - all at waist height, helping you reduce medication errors.
  • Designed for infection control.
    Smooth surfaces and easy to access compartments make the MedRound easy to clean. Approved with common hospital cleaning products.
  • Extra large workspace.
    Enabling effective information access and plenty of space for preparing medication.
  • Concealed fixings and minimal joins.
    From top to bottom the MedRound has been designed with infection control in mind, unlike traditional dispensing Carts.
  • Compact design for tight spaces.
    A small footprint ensures you can access congested spaces at the point of care, getting you closer to the patient.
  • Integrated cable management.
    Cables being completely managed for infection control and security.

The MedRound range.

We have different configurations of the MedRound to suit your workflow. Whether you need a Medical All-In-One PC, Laptop, Tablet, powered or unpowered.

MedRound Infinity (24/7) Cart

MedRound SmartPower PC Cart

MedRound Laptop Powered Cart

MedRound Laptop Cart

MedRound Tablet Cart

Mounted scanner
Sharps bin
Zebra printer
Zebra printer
Zebra printer
Zebra printer

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