Hygia VHA Video Conferencing Cart

Enhance patient care.

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Designed for the healthcare environment

Even in areas where physicians are easily accessible, speciality care can be a challenge. This Video Conferencing Cart is ideal for use on specialist wards, MST and other areas of the hospital to give/take specialist advice from remote locations where infection control is a top priority. 

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Access the inaccessible

For patients with chronic conditions, traveling regularly to visit a physician can be a physical, emotional and financial burden. This Video Conferencing Cart saves time and money contacting patients from their bedside. 

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Design for your workflow needs

Bespoke mounts for camera, codec and other VC hardware with additional room to locate VC hardware within the cabinet.

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Hygia VHA Video Conferencing Accessories

This Video Conferencing Cart can be configured with a wide range of accessories, including the following and many more.

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Mounted scanner


Configure your Cart with a scanner to enhance workflow.

Sharps bin

Sharps bin

Mount a sharps bin to your Mobile Cart for infection prevention and control.

Keyboard mount

Keyboard mount

An ergonomic keyboard mount helps free up space, while improving individual user workflow and infection control.

Zebra printer

Mobile Printer

A mobile printer mounted to your Mobile Cart increases efficiency when accessing patient information at the bedside.