Privacy & Cookies Policy

Parity Computers Limited (trading as Parity Medical, Parity Aviation and Parity Computers ICT) is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, employees and suppliers. We want to be open and transparent about the personal information we hold, how we collect it and how we use it.

1. What information do we collect?
The personal data we collect falls across three broad categories, Customer data, Employee data and Supplier data.

1.1 Customer personal data is limited to business contact information such as the Name, Job Title, Business telephone and Business email addresses of our customers and prospective customers, including visitors to our website and users of our online Live Chat service.
We also collect and retain information from electronic tracking processes (Cookies) relating to visitors to our website. You can find out more about cookies in section 5 and 6 of this privacy notice.

1.2. Employee data is limited to the information required to fulfil our duties as an employer including payroll. We have documented assurances on GDPR conformity from sub-contractors.

1.3 Supplier personal data is limited to the Name, Job Title, Business Address, Business telephone number and Business email address and is used for the purpose of the contract and day-to-day business administration.

2. How do we collect your information?
All our customer and supplier personal information is obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Given by the data subject or by a colleague within the same public authority, hospital or registered company during the process of a sale, a sales enquiry or an information exchange in respect of a potential sale.
  • Given directly by the data subject when submitting an online form or instigating a Live Chat session.
  • From visits to our website, using electronic tracking processes (Cookies), with the visitors’ consent.

All employee personal data is directly supplied by the employee upon commencement of employment.

3. What do we use this information for?
We use personal information for the following purposes:

  • To conduct our business operations, for example, the processing of purchase orders, order acknowledgements, invoicing, payroll etc.
  • To improve the customer experience on our website and Live Chat platforms.
  • To help us ensure we continue to market products that meet our customers’ needs.
  • To keep customers up to date with relevant product information, in accordance with the statements in sections 4 and 5.

4. How do we use this information?
4.1 Customer Data

All customer personal data is collated and processed in accordance with The Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
PECR does not require specific consent from corporate subscribers in relation to telephone and email marketing. Consent is implied as long as the data has been obtained in the manner outlined in section 2.

Whilst the data we collate relates to corporate subscribers as defined by PECR, information such as a Name, Business email address, Business telephone numbers and Job title is considered to be Personal Data under GDPR.
The legal basis upon which we process this personal data is Legitimate Interest. We have undertaken an Impact Assessment to ensure that this legitimate interest is proportionate to the expectations of the data subjects, is balanced with their privacy rights and is necessary to defend and grow our business and continuously improve our product offering.
Information is held on a secure CRM database. We respect and comply with data subjects rights to erasure and subject access to the timescales required by GDPR.
The primary uses of the CRM database are appointment setting and the distribution of email marketing information.  All electronic marketing messages will continue to carry a clear and free unsubscribe option.

4.2 Employee and Supplier data
Employee and supplier data is processed under the legal basis of contractual need.

5. About Cookies
Cookies are a method of electronically tracking visits to a website.  We use Google Analytics to collect website information without personally identifying individual visitors. This allows us to see how many people are looking at our website, and which product pages are visited the most.  This helps us analyse the level of interest in our product range and make sure the way our site is organised is helpful to our visitors. For more information on Google Analytics and to see how information on how data is used, please visit:

We also use cookies to remarket across third-party websites with Google Ads to our website visitors. This does not use your personal information. We use tools to remarket on social media platforms, analyse our campaigns and to build ‘lookalike audiences’. The tools we use include Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag. Lookalike audiences are created by social media platforms using your profile information to find others with similar characteristics to you. These audiences can then be marketed to. For more information, you can visit:

Upon their first visit, all website visitors will see a short explanation of our use of Cookies and be asked to consent to their use.  They will also have the option to see this Privacy Statement and use the information in the following paragraph to manage or reject the use of cookies.

6. Disabling Cookies
Like the majority of websites, cookies are activated by default. If a user wishes to continue to use our site with cookies deactivated, they have the option to change the settings on their browser to manage and reject cookies.

To find out how to set a browser to reject cookies, search “disabling cookies” together with the browser name in a search engine.

7. Transferring information internationally.
We may transfer and/or store personal data securely with third-party IT suppliers such as email distributors, web hosting companies and/or Live Chat service providers. These organisations may be based outside of the EU.  Any third party contracted to provide these services will have provided evidence, and have made written statements to us, to confirm they process data to the same standard as required under the GDPR regulations.

It is only the third party platforms that will be used to facilitate the processing of data for the purposes identified in section 3. No third party will access or use the data.

8. Sharing Personal Data
We will never share personal data with any other organisation.

9. Further information
The Data Controller is Parity Computers Ltd, trading as Parity Medical, Parity Aviation and Parity Computers ICT.  Requests for additional information, subject access or erasure should be made to  or FAO The Data Controller, Parity Computers Ltd, Thermal Road, Bromborough, WIRRAL CH62 4YB