Proximity SmartCard Reader

This contactless SmartCard Reader is easy to use and is compliant with ISO 14443 A&B and Mifare. These general purpose units are available with either RS232 or RS485 serial interfaces and has a reading distance of up to 4cm. 

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smartcard reader

Durable, reliable and practical

The contactless technology has now reached the same level of accessibility as the contact one. 

• High level command set
• PayPass and ExpressPay level 1 compliance
• RS 232, RS 232-TTL, RS 485 (-x2, -x5 versions)
• Simple to use and install
• +12 VDC (+7 V to +14 V)

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Dramatically simplified 

This Integrated SmartCard Reader uses a high level command set, an API library and a PC/SC v2.0 driver for windows. 

• Simple to use and install
• Secure information access
• Protocol: GBP or TLP224
• 88 mm (H) x 46 mm (W) x 19 mm (D)
• IP65 rated

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